Should You Move or Should You Renovate?

Paper house on cracked earth, crisis concept

You come home from work, wanting nothing but to be able to relax with a good cup of coffee only to find that there is no area in your home where you can even do that. You look at the chaos that was once your beautiful home when you suddenly realize that it no longer fits your family’s needs.


Is this a familiar scenario? If so, then it means you are faced with a hard decision to make – should you move to a bigger home or should you remodel? You are not the only one with this dilemma. In fact, most families have to make this decision a few times. Before you decide on anything, here are some considerations you should make:


Your Current Location

How much do you like your neighbourhood? Is it really important for you to stay there? If you do, do you think you can find a home that would better suit your needs within the area too? If you are leaning towards buying a new home, it’s a good idea to ask a reliable agent about the possibility of finding you a new home in that neighbourhood too. He or she would be able to tell you which homes meet your criteria and perhaps you can look at them first, too.


Your Budget

There are certain locations where homes are relatively cheaper. There are others where a renovation is less expensive. A big part of your decision depends on how much budget you have and what that budget could cover.


Your Long Term Plans

Let’s say you’d rather renovate at the moment. How much longer do you think you’ll stay in that particular house? You should not make any major changes to a home that you have no long-term goal for. How do you see yourself and your family in the future? Adding a bedroom now may be fine that you just have one child, but if you are planning to have more in the next few years, then a new home with more rooms is definitely more practical than adding a room each time there is an addition to the family.


If you think relocating to a new house is a better option for you, get the help of someone reliable who can help find the perfect home for your family. Daniel and Bonnie Wan can do just that. Call now and we’ll talk about your best options!


Posted By:Bonnie