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March 24, 2023    中文(简体)   

Spruce Up Your New Home Without Spending Much

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You have saved up to purchase your first home and you are more than glad to be able to move in before the year ends and colder months really set in. The whole cost of paying your down payment as well as the expenses for moving had run you almost dry. Now you don’t have enough cash left to spend on decorating and buying new furnishings! What to do, what to do? A lot actually!


Sprucing up your new home need not be expensive! Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity on your part for you to turn that newly-purchased property to a home you can really call your own. Here are some great ideas for you:


Add Splashes of Colours

If you think your dear old chair is looking kind of drab and you feel like it has no place in your new home, think again. Perhaps you can breathe in a new life to it by painting it a fun hue! Bold and bright pieces are always great additions to any room anyway.


Showcase Your Favorite Poem or Quote

Are you a poet by heart or you just have a favorite classic line? You can use a template or some vinyl letters to have them printed on your bare wall. Quotes and one line quips would also look interesting on some furniture.


Bring In the Outdoors

Be creative and bring in elements of the outdoors like some flowers and plants. If you are bold enough, you can also think of great ways to incorporate some rocks, pinecones, or shells, depending on what theme you are actually going for.




Add a Soft Touch

Nothing warms up a room faster than the addition of some soft textures. Now if you have silk scarves, you can easily drape them over an armchair or even over a lamp for a more quirky appeal.


Add Additional Storage Creatively

You may have a few plain cardboard boxes that you have used to move in and now you do not know what to do with them. Well, you can always use them as organizers and store your stuff in them. Make them more fun by covering them up with wrapping paper and some ribbons.


Repurpose Knick-knacks

If you have old buttons and jewelry that you are thinking of throwing away, hold on to them for a bit and see how you can use them to add interest to your space. You can sew them on some pillow cases or create unique curtain ties.


Who says you need to spend a lot to give your new home a new personality? Enjoy decorating!

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