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Trick or Treat Your Way to a Successful Viewing

Trick or Treat Your Way to a Successful Viewing

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Halloween is right around the corner. And we believe it is the right time you learn how to trick or treat your way to a successful viewing this holiday season. Naturally, we want to give our prospective buyers some ‘treats” when it comes to showing our properties. But while we do not in any way encourage you to mislead them, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do some harmless tricks to up your game.


Trick: Show Your House Off a Bit

If you have done a great job with the storage solutions your property offers, or if you have had some renovations done, then there is nothing wrong with telling your guests about them. Just make sure that you do it in a nice and inviting way, and not in an arrogant way.

Treat: Treat Them with Some Nice and Unexpected Touches

Every book in real estate will tell you to depersonalize your property, and preferably, have it staged. While those are excellent advices, you can still add some warm touches that will enhance the homely appeal of your home. If the weather is really cold, then make sure you have the fire going to warm your prospective buyers the moment they enter your home.


Trick: Stage It Warmly

Like we mentioned above, it is a great idea to have your home staged prior to any viewing or any open house. Some make the mistake of making the staging way too perfect or ‘made up’. Do you know those living rooms in elegant magazines that look way too staged for anyone to want to live there? Avoid that. Trick your buyers into thinking that the way you staged your house, is really the way you live there. Having some fresh flowers and scented candles around is always a good choice.


Treat: Take Advantage of the Holidays

You have the perfect excuse to be a little festive this season too. That will surely add to the charm of your home. For example, because it’s almost Halloween, you can have a carved pumpkin out there on your porch. You can also opt for seasonal flowers like mums to add warmth to your property. Then for Christmas, while stockings with your names are a little too much, it would not hurt to have an elegantly styled tree, as well as some fairy lights for a merrier ambience. Baking some goodies would also be a welcome treat for everyone!

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