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Home Improvement Projects to Invest In Before Selling

Home inspector looking for possible problems for a potential buyer, looking for needed repairs

If you are planning to sell your home and wondering how you can possibly fetch a higher price for it, you might want to consider looking around the house and see which parts need a little fixing. It is true that having some home improvements done pays off big time. The only concern now is deciding which ones would deliver the biggest return.


If you have not decided yet, you might want to consider prioritizing projects for these:


Your Flooring

Have any old carpet removed as old, overused, and a little stinky carpet can be a great turnoff for most home buyers. So its’ a whole lot better to get rid of your carpet. You can get your hardwood floors refinished. If that is not possible, then just look for a replacement carpet. For a sale, it is best to go for neutral colours. For ceramic floors, replace chipped and cracked squares. Make sure the grout still looks good, too.


Your Bath and Kitchen

A big magazine claims that the return of investment for renovating your kitchen and bath is almost as high as 100%. Do not go overboard though, as this number represents minor and mid-range projects. Not surprisingly, buyers refuse to pay for luxurious features that are not really necessary and a bit over the top. You may try resurfacing cabinets. If you need a less expensive solution, you can use veneer for your cabinet doors. You can also repaint surfaces.


Your Ceilings and Walls

Yes, buyers do look up and see the condition of your ceilings. Make sure that your ceiling is presentable and without any signs of leaks or even grease and smoke stains. Cracks on your ceiling and walls would also make a buyer a little nervous. The simplest thing you can possibly do to improve the condition of your walls and ceilings (and perhaps the cheapest) is to just give it a fresh layer of paint. If there are rooms in your house with wallpapers that are somewhat faded or just dated in general, better remove those, too.


These three rank the highest when it comes to home improvement projects that deliver the highest return of investment. Remember that a potential buyer would inspect every nook and cranny of your home, and while they do not expect to see a property that is really perfect, they still prefer one that looks like it has been well taken care of.

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