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March 24, 2023    中文(简体)   

Surprising Features of Properties That Could Increase Value

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Every seller dreams of being able to sell their home at a fairly good price. And if you can even push for a higher price, of course you would, right? The only problem it seems, is that most of the time, to be able to get a higher price, you’d have to invest  quite an amount too, to improve your home in a big way. What we usually hear about are renovations for kitchens and baths. These, while a sure-fire way to increase the value of your home would also cost you an arm and leg.


Do not fret, though! Here we have listed some surprising factors that would definitely add to your home’s value without the huge cost renovations come with. See which ones you can have to get a bigger pay for your property.


  1. Fences

Did you know that fence-less homes sell significantly lower than properties that are fenced in? Of course, it’s not applicable for all kinds of fences. Chain link fences are often frowned upon. Picket fences however, if made with excellent craftsmanship and of good wood could add a lot to your home’s value.



  1. Walk-in Closet

Well, who wouldn’t want one right? Everyone has more than enough clutter in their homes, and having a walk-in closet screams space. They may not add a substantial amount to your home, but it will definitely help it sell faster.



  1. Brick Wall

There really is something charming about an exposed brick wall inside a house. Not only is it charming, because apparently, houses with bricks for interior walls sell a lot higher than those without. If you are hiding some then it’s the best time to finally expose them.



  1. Big Trees

Yes. We are serious. If there is a mature tree in your yard that would add to your property’s value. If there are trees in your neighbourhood and they are a good source of shade, you are in luck because those, too, gives your house plus points.



  1. Green Tech Extras

Do you have sprinklers? How about a programmable thermostat? Did you know that having these green tech extras actually add more to your house’s price tag.



These are just some of the little things that could add a lot to your home’s selling value. If your house already has one or all of them, then that means your property’s value cold still get higher. The Wans, Daniel and Bonnie would know how to highlight these features of your home to get the best possible pay for you!  Call us now.

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