Solutions for Small Spaces: How To Make Rooms Look Bigger

Interior of bright bedroom in the apartment

Space sizes can make or a break a property’s appeal and value. Whether you are planning to sell your house and considering staging it, or you’ve just moved in to your new home and find some rooms a little cramped, it is always better to have all the small rooms in your property look more spacious. Here are some tricks that can help you ace this challenge:

Colour It Right

The wrong colour on your walls can add to the room’s claustrophobic ambience. Be sure to choose shades that can make it appear bigger than it actually is. Layer different shades of neutrals in the same colour family, for example, to create dimension. Then you can temper it with one or two contrasting colours. On the other hand, you can also use punchy colours to make a room look lively and vibrant.

Store Them Strategically

Of course, everyone needs storage pieces in their homes. But they need not be conspicuous! Large cabinets in loud colours can be an eyesore and make a room look overcrowded. Try to incorporate sliding panels and mimic wall colours to make cabinets “disappear”. You can also choose decorative furniture to nail both your storage needs and your artistic flair.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories and decorations can enhance any small, dull room. However, not everyone knows how to accessorize their spaces to their advantage. Well, simply put, vertical designs lend extra height to a room with a low ceiling and a horizontal piece makes a room look longer or wider. For example, you can mount a painting or hang a curtain with designs in vertical orientation to create the illusion of height in a living room.

Follow Traffic Rules

Placement of furniture also has a big impact on your home’s appearance. Make sure that you have a good layout and proper spacing to promote a smooth traffic flow in a room. This is especially important in your living area where family and guests usually stay. The goal is to make sure you can move around without exerting too much effort in avoiding your furniture.

Selling a small space or living in one could be challenging, but you could make everything a lot easier when you apply some or all of these tricks. Remember that sometimes all it takes is a good eye and a smart plan to make the most of your limited space.

Posted By:Bonnie